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One person cannot change the world alone but one key act can have a ripple effect that impacts generations.

What We Do

Here are some of the key activities we are implementing in remote communities within East Africa.

Ensuring remote communities no longer have to travel so far for clean water.

With the staggering statistics of 1 in 3 people not having access to clean water, LIVN Global is on an ambitious quest to drill and supply a minimum of 5 communities with boreholes or wells in the next 7 years as part of our Malawi Mission 2030 objectives. This will significantly enhance the living conditions of tens of thousands of children, young people, widows, and elderly people in the community.

Many prisons in East Africa are overcrowded, underfunded and devastatingly unhygienic. They lack adequate sanitation, food and clothing and due to overcrowding, the inmates do not have any space to lay their head or even sit. Moreover, a lot the juveniles become repeat offenders as they have nowhere else to go and nothing to hope for outside of prison.


We are therefore working on initiatives to improve these desperate conditions, specifically in juvenile prisons, as well to provide educational and transitional programmes that will enable the inmates to be rehabilitated back into the community equipped with a better outlook on life and the key skills for a promising career. 

Giving the youths hope for a brighter future.

Helping Widows to get back on their feet again.

LIVN Global has recognised the deprivation that thousands of Widows go through and the lack of support they tend to have in the area of their upkeep and well-being.


We have therefore partnered with organisations such as Trinity Church International, Youth Outreach Ministry, and other trusted community organisations to provide community, education, and recreational skills to enable the widows to be empowered to provide for themselves and their families, as well as to keep them engaged and motivated from the loneliness and disenfranchisement that comes with being a Widow.


We aim to help provide better living conditions for the Widows and their children.

LIVN Global plans to work with schools in poverty-stricken communities to improve the curricula and systems. We also aim to provide sponsorship for disadvantaged youths to ensure the education they deserve in order to aid their development and prevent them from falling into the inevitable trap of petty to major crimes and imprisonment. 

Our longer-term plans include 3D printed schools in communities without schools within easy reach.

Making sure young children can access education easily.


If you would like to get involved in what we are doing, whether through volunteering or partnership, we would love to welcome you on this journey with us to enhancing lives for the better.

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