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Our Vision

Our vision is to significantly enhance the way of life for deprived families, widows, and young people in deprived, rural communities and secure their future through sustainable projects, development programmes, and integration strategies.

Our Mission

Our overarching mission is based on three fundamental factors of:

Partnership, Sustainability and Mobilisation.


Our ambitious Malawi Mission 2030 plan is a robust initiative that will significantly enrich the lives of tens of thousands of underrepresented and underprivileged people in rural communities in Chikwawa and Nsanje regions, whilst also contributing to the development of young people in careers and business endeavours.

Mission Malawi 2030

By 2030 we want to provide villages in Malawi with:

  1. 5 communities with a well or boreholes

  2. Farming capabilities where crops or livestock can be reared

  3. Established poultry, irrigation, and other agricultural sustenance 

  4. Solar solutions for families with limited to no electricity for daily living 

  5. Rehabilitation centres and development programme to develop, equip, and empower young people to fulfil their potentials

  6. Sanitary and healthcare support for women and young girls

  7. Youth centres (LIVN Centres - where young people can learn new skills, find community, find mentorship, receive business start up support, kickstart their future).

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