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Mission Malawi 2030

Our ambitious Mission Malawi 2030 plan is a robust initiative that will significantly enrich the lives of tens of thousands of underrepresented and underprivileged people in rural communities in Chikwawa and Nsanje regions, whilst also contributing to the development of young people in careers and business endeavours

Why Malawi?

As the world’s 12th poorest country in the world, Malawi has a population of 20 million people, with 46% of this population aged 0-14. A further 21% aged 15-24, and 7% aged 25-29. All together, over 74% of Malawi's population are between the age 0-29 years old.


Furthermore, with tens of thousands of widows both in the urban as well as rural communities, Malawi has become a hotspot for both charity as well as missionary activities


We first visited Malawi on a life changing mission trip in 2015. During this trip we visited some prisons, schools, churches, as well as some widows in the rural communities of Chikwawa. This experience provided vital insight into the sheer depravity, suffering, and challenging living conditions of many young people and widows in the country. Seeing a group of 50 young people crammed into a tiny prison cell was humbling to say the least, as well as experiencing the unhygienic conditions of the women’s prison. We ministered to the young people and the widows, and we provided some aids to meet their physical needs.


This trip birthed in us a greater hunger and passion to do more to support these young people and disadvantaged widows, and fast forward few years and here we are.


Boreholes and Wells

With the staggering statistics of 1 in 3 people not having access to clean water, LIVN Global is on an ambitious quest to drill and supply a minimum of 5 communities with boreholes or wells in the next 7 years as part of our Malawi Mission 2030 objectives. This will significantly enhance the living conditions of tens of thousands of children, young people, widows, and elderly people in the community.


Juvenile rehabilitation

The current prison system in Malawi is overcrowded and underfunded. LIVN Global works with local prisons to provide educational and transitional programmes for inmates, enabling them to be rehabilitated back into the community upon release.


Access to education

The current education system in Malawi is limited with lack of developmental and career progression. LIVN Global plans to work with schools in the community to improve the curriculums and systems. We also aim to provide sponsorships for disadvantaged youths to ensure the education they deserve to aid their development and prevent them from falling into the inevitable trap of petty to major crimes and imprisonment.


Upskilling and community

LIVN Global has recognised the deprivation that thousands of widows go through in Malawi. We have partnered with organisations including Trinity Church International, Youth Outreach Ministry, and other trusted community organisations to provide community, education, and recreational skills to enable the widows to be empowered to provide for themselves and their families, as well as to keep them engaged and motivated from the loneliness and disenfranchisement that comes with being a widow. Through this, LIVN Global aims to help provide better living conditions for the widows and their children.

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